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 Qingdao Auto parts Co., Ltd. "promoting Learning with Learning and promoting wor鈥  2019-9-18 8:48:16
 鈥淗CP 2025 Intelligent Combination Roving Frame鈥 Appraised to Reach Internationa鈥  2019-8-31 9:01:00
 Experts and Leaders Formulated the National Standard of 鈥淕eneral Technical Condi鈥  2019-8-31 9:00:31
 Masters and Apprentices Work Hand in Hand to Forge Ahead鈥  2019-6-24 13:49:28
 Hicorp Organized Training Activities for Financial & Legal Affairs in April鈥  2019-4-27 15:06:05
 We Organized Training Activities for Equipment Archives Management in March鈥  2019-3-25 9:12:31
 Students from Ocean University of China Visited Hicorp Group鈥  2019-3-25 9:11:34
 Taking customers as the center, Qingdao auto parts set off a big dry upsurge鈥  2019-2-28 12:47:24
 Hicorp Organized Training Activities of Marketing and Purchasing during the Spr鈥  2019-2-20 11:28:53
 Hicorp Textile Machinery Company Attended the Bangladesh DTG International Texti鈥  2019-1-20 10:54:44
 Hicorp was Approved to Establish Technological Innovation Center or Roving-ring 鈥  2018-12-27 14:47:14
 Hicorp Heavy Industry Science & Technology Company Attended China International 鈥  2018-12-10 9:05:14
 Hicorp Held the Eighth Session of 鈥淗icorp Cup鈥 Tug-of-War Competition鈥  2018-11-28 9:07:44
 Heavy Industry Science & Technology Company Attended the Eleventh Session of Chi鈥  2018-11-25 9:04:24
 Qingdao Hicorp Shoes Company Held Spring Marketing Symposium 2019 and New Produc鈥  2018-11-25 9:03:47
 Hicorp Project on the Lists of the 2nd batch of Service-oriented Manufacturing D鈥  2018-10-24 19:31:43
 Chief Executive Li Fengli of Huangdao District and His Party Visted Hicorp Group鈥  2018-10-19 9:59:09
 The most beautiful back鈥  2018-9-26 9:20:28
 Hicorp Held the 8th Session of 鈥淗icorp Cup鈥 Chess Competition in 2018鈥  2018-8-30 8:55:56
 Hicorp Organized the Appraisal Meeting of Innovation in the 2nd Quarter of 2018鈥  2018-8-3 11:04:54
 鎬葷94鏈熴婄幆鐞冧漢銆嬧  2018-8-3 10:12:04
 We Held the 2018 Commendation Conference for Excellent Party Members鈥  2018-7-30 8:57:39
 Hicorp Group Held Special Training Activities for Managment Staff鈥  2018-7-30 8:47:10
 Auto parts Company organizes Special training for Purchasing personnel鈥  2018-7-12 16:05:57
 We Hosted the Seventh Session of 鈥淗icorp Cup 鈥 Basketball Match Successfully鈥  2018-5-28 14:51:17
 Putian Auto Parts Held Special Safety Training Activities for Team Leaders鈥  2018-5-28 14:50:31
 Hicorp Held the Donation Activities of 鈥淜eep Our Original Minds, Powerful Love f鈥  2018-5-17 8:17:05
 Hicorp Industrial Design Center was Approved as Qingdao Municipal Industrial Des鈥  2018-4-26 10:10:04
 Students of Shandong University of Science and Technology Visited Putian Auto Pa鈥  2018-4-1 9:52:55
 Qingdao Municipal Group Visited Hicorp鈥  2018-3-20 16:42:47
 Hicorp Held 2018 Spring Festival Sodality鈥  2018-3-7 8:33:57
 Enhancing Cohesion, Pioneering & Innovation , Entering into the New Era鈥  2018-2-24 13:28:05
 Hicorp Held the Training Activities of 鈥淓fficiency Multiplying -- the Applicatio鈥  2018-1-31 8:22:26
 鈥淗ICORP Air-jet Weaving Machine鈥 Awarded as 鈥淪handong Brand Product" in 2017鈥  2018-1-31 8:21:11
 鈥淗ICORP Air-jet Weaving Machine鈥 Awarded as 鈥淪handong Brand Product" in 2017鈥  2018-1-31 8:19:39
 Hicorp HTBW-01 Cone Yarn Intelligent Packaging Logistics System Awarded鈥  2017-12-25 13:25:31
 Hicorp Auto Parts Won the Best Guarantee Prize of Shannxi Automobiles Group in 20鈥  2017-12-18 8:36:12
 Qingdao Auto Parts Branch Company Got Cooperation & Win-Win Reward of JAC鈥  2017-12-4 18:03:25
 Hicorp Held the Seventh Session of 鈥淗icorp Cup鈥 Push-pull competition鈥  2017-11-25 8:45:35
 Leaders of Liaoning Cement Products Industry Association Visited Our Company鈥  2017-11-2 18:07:32
 All Leaders , Experts & Industry Colleagues of Civil Engineering (China ) Scienc鈥  2017-11-2 18:06:44
 Hicop Group Held the Third Member Congress of Labor Union Grandly鈥  2017-10-24 16:13:06
 Hicorp Organized Special Training Activities for 鈥淒oubling Benefits鈥擴sage of Inf鈥  2017-10-23 10:25:11
 Hicorp Held the Eighth Session of 鈥淗icorp Cup鈥 Climbing Festival in 2017鈥  2017-10-9 17:44:58
 Hicorp Organized the 1st Phase of Special Safety Training Activities of Identifi鈥  2017-9-19 11:28:04
 Hicorp Organized Training Activities of 鈥5S鈥 Site Management Specifications for 鈥  2017-8-16 19:10:08
 Commendation General Assembly for half annual held鈥  2017-8-16 15:54:40
 鈥淰igorous in New Zone, Splendid for Three Years鈥 Key Media of Province, City & 鈥  2017-5-26 11:12:29
 BMSG Youth Study Tour Visited Hicorp鈥  2017-5-26 11:11:58
 Leaders & Experts of China Concrete & Cement Products Association & Industry Col鈥  2017-5-26 11:11:29
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