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HICORP will enter the world market. It has not only strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, but also a sincere and tolerant “Global Heart”. HICORP and people of HICORP develop and share together and create an equal and harmonious development environment and win the title of “National Model Staff Owner”. Far-sighted and pragmatic choice makes HICORP people pursue a learning-oriented enterprise unremittingly and rational and realistic corporate culture will push HICORP to a higher and farther position. 
銆怌ore Concept銆慙earning, Innovation, Pioneer 銆銆銆銆銆銆
銆怘ICORP Spirit銆 Loyalty, Service, Innovation, Dedication
銆怐evelopment Objective銆慍hina’s First-rate Enterprise, World Famous Brand 銆銆銆銆銆銆
銆怲alent Concept銆慣hose who are competent at their job are talent and who make innovation and expansion are excellent talent 
銆怋usiness Tenet銆慠ationality, Benefit, Safety
銆怐evelopment Vision 銆慍hina Wisdom Crystallization
銆怮uality Objective銆慔igh Quality, Zero Defect
銆怲echnical Tenet 銆 Create a new HICORP with World-class Technology
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