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LNG vehicle cylinder

LNG vehicle cylinder
Product name锛LNG vehicle cylinder
LNG vehicle cylinder (high altitude multilayer adiabatic cylinder) made of stainless steel tank, shell, high vacuum multi-layer insulation sandwich carburator, air temperature, the carburetor and valve of water pipeline security system composition, its unique advanced, safe and reliable structure,adiabatic process is heavy card, bus car such as LNG fuel supply system at the core of the equipment.The cylinder as the fuel of the LNG storage tank car, not only on the economic and environmental benefits have incomparable advantage over fuel car, travel distance and large energy density, long,to save energy and improve the urban air quality is of great significance.
Product Feature锛
1.Economy : with the volume of LNG vehicle filling amount is 2.8 times that of the CNG cylinders, travel distance, greatly increasing the vehicle;
2.Security : LNG ignition point is 650 鈩, explosion limit of 5% -. 15%, and after gasification density is small, a slight leak immediately volatile diffusion;
3.Environmental protection: compared to fuel vehicles, loading of LNG vehicle cylinder of car emissions of harmful substances reduce about 85%;
4.Durability: LNG vehicle as a whole stainless steel containers, cylinders in more than 7 years of service life;
5.Can realize no emissions aerated: can effectively reduce the discharge of the gas gas, save fuel and reduce the chances of the fire;
6.Can be used for vehicle refrigeration: LNG vehicle of LNG cylinders are used as fuel and the cold use its gasification release to refrigeration and
cooling engine, greatly improve the efficiency of the car.


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CDPW600-375-1.59 375L 337L LNG 147 1.59 ≤2.2 -196 ≈240 1740×褎656
CDPW600-450-1.59 450L 405L LNG 176 1.59 ≤2.1 -196 ≈260 1955×褎656
CDPW600-500-1.59 500L 450L LNG 196 1.59 ≤2.0 -196 ≈273 2220×褎656

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